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You call this work?

The other day, a good friend of mine said to me, “Now that you’re not working, you can really do some fun things…”

But.  I am working.

The truth is as soon as Ian gets on the bus (ugh… 7:02am), I am back in my office/studio (still can’t just say “studio”– I don’t feel worthy!) and am vigilantly at my desk/drafting table (have a problem with that term, too, apparently!) writing and drawing and editing away.  Okay, I may also be reading a FEW blogs and tweets and posts by other authors or illustrators.  Or checking out what’s new in the kid lit department.  Or seeing what’s going on at SCBWI or the Fighting Bookworms or the host of other resource sites and associations for children’s writers.  But I do always circle back to “attempting” to finish this first picture book.

“Drafting Table” by Juana Medina

No, really.  I DO.

In fact, I am almost done with the first draft of this idea that literally thwomped me on the head early last week.  I was *this* close to being done with another manuscript (still need to put that one to bed) when this one came to me.  Of course, I still need to edit the heck out of both, but I think I’ll be ready to start submitting this one fairly soon.  I know that it can take months and sometimes years to write a book… but keep in mind this is a picture book with rhyming text aimed at a very, very young audience.  That’s why even though the first draft is almost done, I still have a lot of work to do.

I guess that means I need to stop writing this blog and get to it… get to all those “fun things,” that is… 😀

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Creepy Carrots… Great Book Video!

This is excellent, and a great example of how a well-done video can create some stir (maybe even stir-FRY, in this case.. sorry, couldn’t resist!) for a new children’s book!

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Finding bliss

Boy, do I feel lucky.  After years of just dreaming about it, I finally have the opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do– write and illustrate kids’ books.  So here I sit in my office/studio, finishing up a sketch I drew in pencil yesterday… wrapping up text for a picture book… researching the next book… researching the industry… reading, reading, reading.  Like I said– danged lucky.  (No bad language here– I still have a small child at home.)

In my quest to get better– to be prepared and know as much as possible about the illustrious children’s book market– occasionally I come across some really interesting (sometimes fascinating) things along the way.  My goal here is to share them with others who, like me, have a true passion for Kid Lit.

So hopefully you’ll come along for the ride.  Or at least join me for a few trips.  Happy Writing and Reading!

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